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Thinkplanet began by a woman entrepreneur looking to provide Eco-friendly, chemical free products made in the USA. 

A retail product line was developed and designed in 2013 the "Signature SPA Collection" of handmade  products was well underway and being distributed through organic and health food stores.

The more we grow, the more we develop all natural products for every part of human life.



In 2014 a new line of All Natural Pet Products:, Pet Soap, and Pet Spritzer was formulated to help do away with the need to put chemical pesticides on dogs, cats and all other animals in efforts to reduce insect carrying diseases. Our 100% Biobased certified by USDA Pet Spritzer ensures our commitment to providing healthy alternatives for our four legged friends while protecting the environment. 


The more we grow, the more we develop all natural products for every part of pet life.



​​Thinkplanet has a focus to bring only the safest and environmentally friendly products to market. We search for the best organics sourcing from local suppliers, and using only USDA certified Citronella and Cedar essential oils. Our products are certified 100% biodegradable and safe for you, your pet the environment and are Made in the USA.


Our loved ones deserve the best and let's face it, our pets are our children. Our Mission is caring for them through healthy product alternatives.

Additionally, our "Gifts with a Heart" retail program means sustainable revenue in support of local community Amimal Shelters.

All sales of Thinkplanet Organic Pet products create a built-in donation via our partner retailers to your community.

Inquire at your local store to request proceeds for your local animal care facility.

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