2 - part care ensures total pet protection

                             TOTAL PET WELLNESS CARE PROGRAM 

 2 part care includes Groomers Grade Concentrate Shampoo with in between bath certified USDA pet spritzer.



    Groomers Grade Pet Shampoo Concentrate means more baths for your pet that saves money

  1. 2 in 1 concentrate shampoo includes both moisturizing shampoo and conditioning formula.

  2. Groomers Grade concentrate with citronella and cedar will moisturize and condition hair while providing antimicrobial, anti fungal resistance to keep pet clean and free of germs and bacteria.

  3. Patented scent that is fresh smelling and lasts for days



 Pet Spritzer in between baths keeps pet fresh and clean with a natural citrus scent 

   1. 100% USDA Certified Biobased product. Use anywhere, anytime for         cleansing pets fur.

   2. 100% Safe for all pets, children and entire family .

   3. Recommended use for sustaining organic insect repellent effectiveness      on pets in between baths. 100% Biobased organic citronella and cedar         provides the anitfungal and antimicrobial barrier and insect resistance in   between baths.

  4. Great for all activities, dog parks, outdoors and safe for furniture in     homes and cars.

  5. Spritzer scent has been proven to provide a calming effect on pets.


A Wellness Plan that works! 


ZooGroom Total Pet Wellness program is safe from pollutants and environmental chemicals and can eliminate the need for monthly chemical insect treatments to save you hundreds of dollars per year with Certified Organic and Biobased total wellness pet care by Thinkplanet. The two part shampoo and spritzer wellness plan is a proven method to repel fleas and ticks effectively when used in accordance with a weekly wellness plan that includes regular pet baths (1-2 per month or more as needed) and regular spritzer treatments in between baths when returning from outdoor activities.


100% Full Money Back Guarantee

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